Good morning!

I had an amazing weekend if being used and bred. I spent this morning, after being left full of cum, fucking myself again and again. I thought I would share just how wet and sore my pussy is now.

I cannot wait to be fucked even more tonight.

21 thoughts on “Good morning!”

  1. Hmmm wonder what the guys will think, absolutely beautiful Barbie! No other words, your content has real value, you should go back to monetizing it.

    Keep it up and love the life you live darlin


      1. Makes sense, if you find enjoyment and entertaining hearing your fans comments then why not, my wife and I have enjoyed a 23 year Cuckold marriage in the lifestyle, she’s been BBC only for over 18 years. If your interested, listen to this podcast interview we did with the Keys and Anklets Podcast, the moderator is a great guy and longtime Bull in NY and it’s free. The Podcast focuses on the Hotwife and Cuckold lifestyle and is great for networking. I’m sure the moderator Michael C would love connecting with you and you might find it entertaining. Here’s our interview using our pseudonym names, maybe you could contribute your experiences and do a Podcast if you find it interesting? Cheers all the best to you Barbie



  2. Barbie, if you had (have) bigger fans than me, there sure aren’t many. Was bummed when you chose to close the chapter on your professional life. But U just stumbled across this blog. You are so thoughtful and articulate. Inam really enjoying reading this. Of course you know you are pretty on the outside; you have heard that plenty. But you have a really beautiful mind, too. Thanks for openly sharing just a bit of your personal life. Finding your blog has been the best part about staying home in a COVID world. lol

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      1. Well, a couple of ideas come to mind. First, do you have any fantasies that you have not yet fulfilled? You are someone with few, if any inhibitions, who has lived a sex life about which most can only dream. To hear the naughty things you crave to do but haven’t may be interesting as hell.

        The other thing I always like to hear about is the hot interracial stuff. In my view, no one ij porn ever made it hotter. Got a bit addicted to your stuff, I have to say. I am thrilled to report that I was able to recreate a tiny bit of that with my own wife. She was just at an interracial hotel takeover party this Labor Day weekend. She doesn’t do it FOR me per se, but isn’t as naturally passionate about it as I would wish if I were to waive a magic wand. (Quick disclaimer here: stag not cuck, normal, good-looking, and successful, not some whimpy thumb-dick loser, like a certain subset of your fan base who also adores your stuff, like I do). So, my question: do you usually seek out interracial in your personal life now? Is that a preference or even a rule? Have you ever attended IR-only house parties or swinger’s conventions just to satisfy your own lusts?

        Thanks for the reply, Barbie. The porn world isn’t as awesome since you retired, but reading your blog rocks. In some ways, it is sexier to see insider your slurry mind than to watch you perform. Well, ALMOST…


      2. …and seriously please ignore the typos. When I access this on my phone, typos and autocorrects happen, and I don’t always catch them before I post!


  3. Everyone of my friends and wife friends agreed you are the. Baddest porn star ever..You should be rich …Jenna Jameson Ginger Lynn or Lisa Ann none got a clue on you…The baddest ever…bar none

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