14 thoughts on “Topic Suggestions!”

  1. Barbie, in addition to my main request (I left it under your reply back in the Good Morning thread), I do have one more. You mentioned the oldest guy you have been with was 52. That is a big age disparity if you were with a 52-year old today. But it was obviously someone in the past. Just how old were you when that encounter happened? That must be quite the raunchy tale. Can you tell us about that?

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  2. Barbie, can you please tell us how it is you came into race play. You had a IR scene earlier in your career where you were kinda tame, then after that you went from 0-100 real quick in become the raceplay queen. I love the stuff you say being a POC every single white girl I’ve ever been with went straight to raceplay. I’ve only ever asked one girl which made her stop after we kinda psychoanalyzed (worse mistake of my life).

    Can you tell us how you came about being the queen of raceplay, and breeding dirtytalk? Maybe give us some first time, trigger, etc?

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  3. Please repost the video! Would love to see your tits – the behind view from your “Star Wars” video was amazing! I’ve watched those clips so many times!


  4. Would love to hear when you knew and the spark in your sexual fantasies that you knew you wanted to be chocked and pounded by multiple black dicks whilst being filmed.


  5. Share some stories about your time in the industry. It would be cool to hear about what happens behind the scenes on a shoot. What does on before a shoot, crazy happenings on set, extra-curricular activities after the scene, etc.


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